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FAQs for Prospective Parents

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At what age can one enroll to begin school at Blessed?

Blessed School admits students from 6 months and above.

Does Blessed School have Boarding facilities?

Yes, we have boarding facilities.

This is available to students from 2 years and above.

We provide Boarding facilities for children who have parents or relations in the diaspora who wish for them to benefit from good Ghanaian training and upbringing. Blessed is indeed a home away from home!

What time do lessons start and end?

Lessons begin at 8.00 am and end at 3.00 pm.

Do I have to provide lunch for my ward?

The School has a compulsory lunch service. Breakfast is available on request for students.

Are electronic devices such as mobile phones allowed in School?

Students are not allowed to bring electronic devices to school. This is strictly prohibited.

The question I have is not addressed here. Can I submit a question?

Yes, you may.

Kindly click on the link above and send your question using the form. It will be addressed by a member of our team.

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FAQs for BLESSED Parents

Help Center

What is the WhatsApp number for School notices and announcements?

The School sends messages [such as reminders and various alerts] to parents via WhatsApp.

In order to receive these notices and reminders, please click on the link below where you will be required to provide the following details:

• Your child's name and class

• Parent/Guardian's WhatsApp number

• Relationship with student

When should I pay my ward's feeding fee?

Feeding fee is payable weekly, monthly or termly. Weekly payments must be made on Monday.
Parents who would like to pay monthly or termly should contact the office to receive the bill.

What is acceptable to wear with the School cloth (footwear, trousers, etc.)?

Boys wear the school shirt over black trousers and black shoes. No jeans trousers are worn with our school cloth.

Girls wear the school cloth as designed by the School [i.e. kaba with collar and a long flare skirt (no slits)]. Neither slippers nor high heeled shoes are allowed, please.

I do not receive the school newsletters. How can I get them?

Click on the link below and fill out the form. Your details will be added to the appropriate platform so you can receive the newsletter as well as all other relevant information.

FAQs Page: FAQ
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